Mariner Theatre in Marinette, WI
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Mariner Theatre

The Mariner Theatre is a locally owned and operated Movie Theatre located in Marinette, Wisconsin.

Their original website was created using the GoDaddy Flash Website Builder. It worked well for them for years. However this month, Flash became deprecated, and the GoDaddy Flash site builder stopped working for thousands of customers across the world.

To replace it, I created a custom WordPress website which allows them to log in and update their own movie listings and other areas of the site with no programming knowledge needed. They wanted to stick close to the original color scheme and layout of the website. I think I managed to stay true to their original feel while updating the functionality.

If you are a business or have something to tell the community, a 15 second ad on the big screen is only $50!

Oh, and did you know that you can rent a movie screen for your event, or just to watch something on the big screen all by yourself?

Green Web Design has provided the following services:

  • New Custom WordPress Website created in October 2020
  • Daily WordPress Management & Monitoring Services