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  Why do you need a website?

There are so many reasons! For starters, if your business is not open 24 hours a day, then you're potentially missing business every moment that you are closed. Reach new customers, and better service existing customers, by providing a web site for them to visit where they can learn more about your services and products whenever it is convenient for them. It's not a 9-5 world anymore. Your customers want access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we want to help you establish a solid web presence so that you can provide that and more for them. What better way to service your customers around the clock than with a web site? And, if you still need convincing, consider this: your competitors probably already have one.

  What qualities are important in a website?

There are a few simple guidelines that set a great website apart from a mediocre website. No matter what your business is and what products you are trying to sell, the most important factors remain the same. A web site should be easy to navigate, pleasing to look at, up to date, free of dead links, broken pictures, or outdated information, and it should efficiently perform the task for which it was designed.

The Most Important Part: Cross-platform compatibility
A web page should be viewable by the majority of it's visitors, no matter what browser version they use, what speed their modem is, or how outdated their computer may be.

For that reason, I don't believe in using flashy, slow-loading graphics or plugins, which must be downloaded by the viewer in order to see the page properly. Numerous studies have shown that viewers tend to lose interest if they have to wait an excessive amount of time or download additional software to see a website, and many will simply close the page and search again until they find a site that loads quickly and easily.

The Bottom Line
I want your website to be seen and used by the largest audience possible, and accordingly, all of my websites are designed with the goal of cross-platform compatibility in mind. There is a reason that my websites show up so well in search engines, and it's the same reason that I have so many satisfied customers: My sites may not have flash and shockwave and quicktime objects all over the place, and they may be simple in design and layout, but they are extremely easy to use as well as search engine friendly, and in the end, that will get you more business than pretty pictures that don't work correctly for half of your viewers. When you choose Green Web Design, you choose quality, usability, cross-platform compatibility, and a whole lot more!

  What can Green Web Design do for you?

Whether you are a business looking to promote yourself online for the first time, are seeking to improve an existing site, have vital information you'd like to share with others, or just want a personal web page, I will work with you to create a design that is tailored to your specific needs. When your site is finished, I can work with you to create meta tags, submit your site to search engines and classifieds sites, and market your site effectively to bring in new customers. This includes things like designing color business cards, flyers and other mailers to tell people about your website, as well as Banner Advertising, setting up free link exchanges with related websites to get your site the most exposure and ranking, and many other "tricks of the trade" that I've learned throughout the years.

When you hire me, you're paying a reasonable rate for a quality, website which is search engine friendly, easy to navigate, and loads quickly for your users.

  Frequently Asked Questions about our website design services

Rates and Fees for Web Design & Related Services Your company logo or letterhead can be scanned in and optimized or cleaned up for the web, and it can be included on every page of your site.

Rates and Fees for Web Design & Related Services If you don't have an existing logo, we can design one for you!

Rates and Fees for Web Design & Related Services Your corporate colors can be incorporated into your website, or we can create a fresh new look for you!

Rates and Fees for Web Design & Related Services You may send pictures of products or other information by email, or you may send them to me and I can scan them in for you. Any material sent to me via postal mail will be returned after I have scanned them in.

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