Jessica Struzik, 1985, Commodore 64
Jessica Struzik, 1985, Commodore 64

Hello! My name is Jessica.  I am a professional programmer, and an expert in WordPress Website Development.  I work in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and related mediums.

In April 2014, I moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Menominee, Michigan to begin a new adventure in the gorgeous Upper Peninsula. I truly love it UP here so far!

I have been designing websites since 1995, when I began “Green Web Design & Internet Consulting Services“.  I began my website design company as a “nights and weekends” venture, while I was going to college for Environmental Science and working full time as a waitress at George Webbs.

However, my love of computers actually goes back to my childhood. I was in the gifted student program at my grade school, where we were lucky enough to take a few classes each day entirely in the computer lab. My parents did everything they could to be able to get me a computer at home, and when I was 8, I got my Commodore 64. As you may imagine, gaining access to a computer at home when I was 8 years old was a dream come true for a seriously nerdy little girl like me.

A few years later, I began borrowing my cousin’s commodore 128 after he got a much faster computer. Eventually, I got a secondhand Apple IIE; after that, a long series of secondhand IBM and Compaq 286’s, 386’s, and 486’s, bought from a local college for $25 each, which I learned a lot from. And later still, my friends taught me how to build a computer starting from an empty case, and I began custom building my own PCs from scratch, for myself and for clients.

Through all of these years, I also worked other jobs. In my teens and early 20’s, I waitressed. A lot. Later, I worked in Tech Support for ExecPC in New Berlin, WI. After that, I worked for as a database analyst for an Insurance to Value software company. And in 2005, I decided to go full time with Green Web Design.

Today, I have over 30 years of computer-related experience, and am an expert in all things Internet related. A large number of my clients are in the greater Milwaukee and Waukesha areas in Wisconsin, but I happily accept clients from anywhere in the USA.

Green Web Design & Internet Consulting Services
Green Web Design & Internet Consulting Services

Most of my business comes from word of mouth and online advertising. I don’t advertise in the phone book, on billboards, or other expensive mediums. I also don’t believe in what I call “intrusive marketing” – I don’t hire telemarketers, employ cold-calling techniques, or do any kind of email based advertising. My main focus, for myself and my customers, is Internet Advertising.

My specialty is building low-bandwidth, search engine optimized web sites that are attractive, fast loading, and easy for your users to navigate, no matter what their skill level or their modem speed.

My business model is simple: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” After all, if you look good, then I look good too!

In addition to my web development and website design services, I also own and operate a popular free online classifieds website, which my clients enjoy using to showcase their products and services. Basic ads are free, or users can choose from several affordable upgrades.

The bottom line: From registering a domain name and web hosting; to expertly building a robust, compliant, dynamic, fast loading website which provides a positive end user experience for your clients; to managing social media profiles and campaigns; to providing effective advertising solutions; I can assist you every step of the way.