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Milwaukee Website Design Information  SEO Gold Package - 12 Months of Professional and Effective SEO / SEM Services

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Why SEO and SEM? if you use PPC advertising, buy traffic, etc. the very moment you stop paying, you stop getting traffic. With organic white hat SEO which is being performed by a hard working team in the United States, you are making a long term investment which will eventually allow you to slash, or maybe even eliminate, your online advertising costs for many years to come.

We're not just any SEO firm, either. Jessica, the owner of Green Web Design, is a skilled web site designer and programmer who designed her first website in 1995. She and her team can fix code problems which may be affecting your site's searchability, as well as market your website(s) and blog(s) effectively online to help you get more internet sales.  

We can create and maintain blogs, social media profiles, youtube channels, and more and get fans and friends for your company, effectively branding your business online.  Get ahead of the competition locally or nationwide - with our team on your side, your website will get increased traffic from search engines and other websites.  Green Web Design will promote your website for 12 full months!

In addition to our regular team, we have several other team members that we can hire to blog about your products or promote your services. As an example of what this package can do for your online sales:

  • In 2007, one of our clients did over $250,000 worth of website sales, up from approx. $29,000 in web sales for 2006.

  • Another client went from having only 11 web orders in 3 months, to receiving at least 1, and up to 25 web orders per day!

If you are serious about marketing your website and you are ready to make a commitment to long term success on the web, then this is the package for you. Most clients tell us that they feel they got more than they paid for! You don't have to take our word for it though - if you are a serious prospective client, we can ask some of our current clients to speak to you in order to verify that they did, in fact, get results with this package. Your website must meet certain guidelines in order to be eligible for this package:

  • Your website must not be 100% flash

  • Green Web Design must be given the ability to log in and change the source code of your website when needed.

  • Changes we make to your website are for SEO purposes and will not affect the design of your website unless discussed first.

  • We will be happy to help fix any existing errors on your website, within reason. We will not rebuild your shopping cart from the ground up or perform other complex programming jobs for free with this package, for example; however, if you have broken pictures, typos, or any other problems of a minor to moderate nature, we will fix them ASAP before starting your marketing package.

I (Jessica) am an experienced web designer. I have been making websites since 1995. I have expertise in HTML, CSS, PERL/CGI, Java/JavaScript, SQL/PHP, XML, DHTML, and other languages. Whatever changes need to be made to make your website search engine friendly as well as human friendly, I am more than qualified to do so.

I will happily work directly with your current web designer if needed for maximum efficiency. If you have a large project, I often work with several other web designers and programmers who can assist me. A Brief Overview of just a few of the services which are included in the 12 month SEO Gold Package:

  • In-depth analysis of your website in order to fully understand the products and services you offer, as well as studying your competition to see what, if anything, they are doing to compete online.

  • We identify, compare and select the best keywords and phrases to target for your particular location, industry and website

  • We examine your website to see if the structure is harming your placement - for example, if your website is 100% flash and 0% text, has poor navigation structure, duplicate content, broken links or pictures, missing or broken meta tags, contains broken code, or other design flaws, many search engines may be unable to read your website and therefore, unable to include it in their index in the way you would like. These things can all contribute to low or no search engine traffic. We are experienced web designers and can fix all of these things and more.

  • After your website is optimized, we create sitemap files, and regularly update them, for Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines which allow sitemap submission.

  • We also follow the proper and effective way of link building with other websites - we search for small and medium sized business websites willing to trade links with other professionals. We believe that quality, not quantity, matters the most when it comes to trading links.

  • We monitor your website rank and positioning in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines and create reports (every 2 months) showing where you rank for the keywords and phrases that we are targeting for you.

  • We make monthly adjustments to your website based on the progress of your marketing campaign according to our research. This may include adding new relevant content and articles, posting blog entries, creating content on social networking websites, and many other things, depending on your unique website and needs.

  • This package includes a FREE 1 year ad-free featured storefront on our popular online classifieds website and unlimited free classified ads for your storefront.

  • We promote your website on our myspace, stumblupon, facebook, and other social networking accounts. We have a huge network of friends who follow us on all of the major websites!

  • We can create a video commercial for you. (example)

  • This packge includes Corporate Blogging services , including professional copy writing of blog entries every 2 weeks. You are encouraged to write your own blog entries in between our entries, and to post your own entries to our corporate blog to promote your site.

  • You will be given Inclusion in our business search engines and our client only link exchanges, which consists only of people that we know in real life. No guessing whether it's safe to link to a particular website or if they will keep linking to you when you stop paying attention - we can vouch for these people and we manage their sites too!

  • We also take care of Google Analytics setup and maintenance for you, as well as monitoring your Alexa, Quantcast, and other rankings.

  • We set up several other types of statistical and monitoring programs so that you can track the traffic on your website, including where visitors are coming from, what search engine or websites they come from, and what keywords and phrases they typed in to find your website.

  • If you want us to, we can provide guidance in how to maintain these things yourself, so that at the end of 12 months, you will be able to take over and maintain them if you so choose.

  • If you do not want to learn how to maintain these things yourself, you may retain our services for another year and we will continue to update, promote, and publicize your website, blog, and social networking profiles.

The above is just a brief overview, and there are many other services that can be included with this package! The short version: we will research your competition and find optimal keywords, analyze your existing website to make sure it's built properly, and find your current ranking and linkage status.  Then, we will optimize the source code and layout of your website, and perform all necessary work to get your website ready for submission.  

We will submit your site to the top search engines by hand, set up link exchanges with other websites we know and trust on your behalf, and place classified ads, press releases, blog entries, social networking votes, and other types of promotions, on your behalf.

You will receive an ad-free featured seller account on 50 States Classifieds - a 295.00 value - FREE with your Online Marketing and Advertising Campaign! If you don't have an eCommerce website but want to sell products online via PayPal, this is an amazing deal. Creating a professional, secure eCommerce website on your own web host can cost thousands. Or, you can create a seller profile on and put free PayPal "Buy it Now" buttons in your ads for an easy, affordable alternative to a owning your own shopping cart website!

Each month, we will continue to make the necessary updates to your website(s) based on our analysis of the previous months' progress. Every 3rd month, you will be emailed an easy to understand report with all of these details, and you can also keep daily track of your traffic with the counters and other software we install on your web server.

Most of our clients are listed in the top 10 results for 50% or more of their keyword phrases.

*please note* All keyword and keyphrase choices must be approved by us before the project begins. If a term is too broad (for example, the term "internet" or "business") then we will review your website and suggest more realistic key terms and phrases.

We suggest you start out by choosing 20-30 keywords and phrases that you feel are most important to your business. This can be a list of the top 30 products you want to promote, or a list of your services, or keywords and phrases that you would like to target.

We will review the list, and make additions to it based on our research. We continue to modify this list as the project progresses throughout the year so that you are targeting the most effective keywords for your products and services. After all, you want to make sure that when people reach your website, they're looking for something that you offer! If your marketing plan is not targeting the right people, in the right places, then it's not effective!


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